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The Preserve Journal was founded in the fall of 2018 and bloomed out of a wish to take part in the environmental debate through the lens of food and to connect humans from around the world through a shared vision and passion.

The Preserve Journal is an independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more responsible, resilient, sustainable and transparent food culture.

Through it, we advocate an alternative way of life: one filled with curiosity, honesty, and a lot of love, one that is a powerful form of activism in itself. 

​Here in Preserve, we believe that fermenting, foraging, and living with the seasons, as well as learning from each other offer concrete resistance to the homogenized, industrialized and capitalistic structures that predominate today’s food culture.

With The Preserve Journal we hope to invite readers to realize the magnitude of our daily engagement with food, helping us move away from the role of a muted consumer towards that of noisy eaters, actively participating in sustainable, resilient and inclusive food systems with an understanding of our impacts. 

We hope to support the explorations of the many different ways by which we can interact with our food, as well as our potential to shape, influence and impact change. 

Our aim is to embrace as many inspiring, diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives and voices as possible. By doing so we hope to create a channel and platform for an honest, critical, diverse and dynamic exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, resilient and transparent food culture.


For The Preserve Journal, we have joined forces with experts from different backgrounds who all contribute to this magazine with their unique knowledge.

We have teamed up with acclaimed chefs, bio-dynamic farmers, biologists, poets, urban gardeners, writers, responsible restaurants, public health experts, anthropologists, artists, travelers, wildlife experts, initiators, and environmental activists.

And together we create and present The Preserve Journal!

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Our magazine’s goal is to inspire, to engage, and to create an inclusive dialog across different and various fields, while continuously asking how we as a global community can create, nourish, and maintain a sustainable food culture. We hope to contribute to the global conversation on this subject. After all, today’s most pressing problems require solutions based on inter-cultural cooperation. 

We therefore hope to allow people to connect across borders and cultures in a quest to share old wisdom and novel ideas on how our engagement with food can help us establish the grounds for a more sustainable existence on this planet.


We wish to invite our readers to look beyond the bite of food on their fork, and to see the whole picture of their meal and their role in it.

We hope to contribute to a movement of thoughts aiming at re-establishing our interactions with food as one of the centrepieces of our lives, considerations, and areas of political, social and environmental engagement.

Join us as we dive deep into various themes and hear from a wide range of brilliant authors.

Be thrilled to explore what a sustainable, transparent, and responsible food culture might look, work, and taste like.

In The Preserve Journal you'll meet beautiful analog photography and an exciting range of authors- some a steady part of the project exploring certain subjects over many volumes and some authors changing each issue.  

We collect our content during the year and with the changing seasons, but the content is not necessarily bound to any season. Our content is therefore relevant, interesting and important all year around.

The Preserve Journal has been financed without advertisements or corporate investments and is therefore completely independent and run free of any restraining commercial considerations and interests.

We therefore have zero advertisements, are independently published and responsibly printed. We don't have any big investors- what we have is passion, hard work and a lot of love for good food! These financial decisions have been made in order for us to stay as honest, direct, radical, resilient and transparent as possible.

In addition The Preserve Journal is run solely on voluntary powers and engagement, and each purchase of The Preserve Journal therefore constitutes a huge support in the project which allows for us to keep publishing The Preserve Journal.  

The Preserve Team

Michelle Skelsgaard Sørensen

Founder and Director 

Marie Døssing

Lead Designer

Sebastian Reichmann

Overall Directions and Management

Pernille Rosenbæk

Events and collaborations

"The Preserve Journal is a result of creative minds, hard-working hands, and passionate hearts coming together and co-creating this magazine.

Without each other and the synergies we foster, The Preserve Journal would simply not exist. The Preserve Journal is the culmination of all of our shared curiosity, efforts, dedication, and wish for change."

- Michelle Skelsgaard Sørensen

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An independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, resilient and transparent food culture.

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