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Welcome to The Preserve Journal Blog

First of all thank you for making your way in here, we are very happy to see you here!

This is an exciting day for us, and we are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new chapter in the life of this project: The Preserve Journal Blog.

We consider this blog to be a natural expansion of The Preserve Journal and a loving complement to the printed magazine - and it is with warm hearts that we welcome you and everyone interested on board this new platform for further explorations and inquiries into the world of food and sustainability!

Since the beginning of this project we have had two primary goals: Firstly, to create an honest and inclusive platform for the sharing of fascinating knowledge, inspiring stories, and explorations of a more sustainable, responsible and transparent food culture.

Secondly, to do our best in creating a community of humans around the globe around the broad topic of food and sustainability. With The Preserve Journal and the printed magazine we feel that we have started our journey towards these dreams and goals and taken the first important steps in the right direction.

We have, however, also been feeling the desire to push the aspect of “inclusivity” in our work.

We have therefore felt the need for creating this blog and online platform which will hopefully be a truly accessible, inclusive and affordable platform for everyone to further explore the world of food and sustainability. 

A second reason for the creation of this blog has also been you, our amazing reader, and your constantly growing interest in food and sustainability. We have been receiving a lot of passionate requests for even more inspiring reading material, and we want to do our best in addressing this growing audience and curiosity. 

As with the printed magazine we have teamed up with amazing humans with inspiring voices and we are excited to be sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences with you here on this new platform. We have a lot of great content in store for you- perfect stand alone reading but also a thrilling company to the printed magazine. We don't have a fixed posting schedule for this blog but we do aim at being able to share new content with you on a weekly basis - simply stay updated on our social media at @thepreservejournal and sign up to our newsletter for updates on the blog. We are also always curious for new perspectives, authors and ideas and we would love to hear from you if you have an awesome suggestion for content.

We are beyond honoured to be be working with some incredibly inspiring humans and we are continuously humbled by their loving wish to be passionately engaged, involved and to generously collaborate with us on this shared project and vision.

We know that there are millions of blogs out there, and we don’t claim to be doing anything novel here. But in a time of age where most content seem to have been bought, sponsored or somehow otherwise restrained we hope to provide an honest and transparent channel for information while taking great pride in being able to share such inspiring, radical, transformative and interdisciplinary content from all the amazing authors whom we are fortunate to work with.

We once again thank you for being here and for your interest in The Preserve Journal - it is beyond encouraging and inspiring to see and feel so many strong and engaged voices in the common quest for urgent and radical changes in today's food systems.

We are excited to see where this platform build on community and shared passion will go in collaboration with you, our readers, to to see how it will unfold, grow and expand with time.

We are excited for this common journey towards a more sustainable, responsible and transparent food culture.

With the warmest of wishes from Copenhagen,

Michelle Skelsgaard Sørensen

Founder & Director

The Preserve Journal

An independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, resilient and transparent food culture.

CVR-nummer: 40014284

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