A project on the quest of highlighting, supporting and strengthening the links and the inherent inter-connectedness between us all, our causes, our visions and our work. 

Hopefully supporting the creation of a strong united voice and a solid foundation on which we can stand together in our shared endeavors.

Here you will find friends and partners of The Preserve Journal who together becomes The Preserve Community. Explore, meet our friends and learn much more about the inspiring things things which are happening all around the world- and how to get involved!

"The Preserve Journal is a platform in flux, created by a community of people, and it opens up for multifaceted perspectives on food, preserving and nature. We’ve set out to create a journal that mediates knowledge and human experience from across fields of expertise, professions and life trajectories. We are moved by a wish to invite people to think along and to learn alongside us. We keep moving as we believe that a community based, lived and driven practice is a way to engage in our future – and a way to co-write it as we go along.

You will find a variety of writers – presenting their stories on neighboring pages. We give life to knowledge it be seemingly old academic insights as well as newly grown wisdom from gardens and kitchens around the globe. We meet at the crossroads of different fields of expertise.

You can start exploring from anywhere – and as you go on, you’ll see how words unfolds into ideas and bigger schemes of thought, knowledge and action as writers engage with our sustainable themes. Give your mind the opportunity to dance between ‘the lines of thought’ and bridge neighboring perspectives on how we think food culture today."

- Louise Zeuthen Engraf

The Preserve 


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An independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, resilient and transparent food culture.


CVR-nummer: 40014284

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