Today, we see a paradox where on one side, we as humans, relate to and engage with food every single day. At the same time, we have never connected with and understood our food less than we do today.

We see a food industry, food systems and a food culture which have all become obscure and very difficult to deal with. The links between soil, producers, produce, and consumers have become blurred by industrialized processes and commercial interests. Oftentimes, this can make it seem impossible to imagine what a sustainable, responsible, and transparent food culture actually is, and more importantly, how one can be involved in it and thereby contribute to positive change as a consumer.

With The Preserve Journal, we wish to highlight all those blurred links stretching all the way from the soil to our plates. In so doing, we hope to support the explorations of the many different ways by which we can interact with our food, as well as our potential to shape, influence and impact change.

With The Preserve Journal we hope to

  • Contribute to the preservation of independent journalism, unbound by limiting, profit- driven considerations, and thus able to give voice to critical, creative, and responsible thinkers and activists

  • Create a pool to be filled with daring ideas and inspiring stories, for humans all over the world to jump and dive into, whether in search for inspiration or for pure leisure of the curious mind


  • Provide a counterweight to the increasing homogenization and industrialization of our food relations and help us rediscover that it is indeed our relations to food that are at the very core of how we as humans connect with each other, society, nature and, most subtly, ourselves.

  • Re-explore our daily interactions with food from the perspective of radical change, and realize their inherent potential as a means to address many of the world’s most pressing problems today.

  • Allow people to connect across borders and cultures in a quest to share old wisdom and novel ideas on how our engagement with food can help us establish the grounds for a more sustainable existence on this planet.

  • Invite readers to realize the magnitude of our daily engagement with food, helping us move away from a muted consumer role towards that of noisy eaters, actively participating in sustainable and inclusive food systems and understanding our impacts and our potential to shape and influence the status quo.

  • Contribute to a movement of thoughts aiming at re-establishing our interactions with food as one of the centerpieces of our lives, considerations, and areas of political, social and environmental engagement.

  • Use a shared vision and passion to connect people from around the world and thereby helping all of us rediscover our connections as humans – celebrating unity within diversity and acknowledging border-defying global action as the only possible means to combat today’s most urgent environmental concerns.

  • Utilize our shared quest for good and honest food as an aggregator for social and political change, connecting curious people everywhere to undermine the current de-humanizing and earth-exploiting food systems.

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An independent print magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, resilient and transparent food culture.

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